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Weight loss

This blog is the story of me, Michaela, losing half of my body weight. I want to share with you my journey, including the real ups and downs of weight loss. Most importantly I want to help others who want to lose weight.

When my mission began, I was at my absolute lowest. Now, I still have a long way to go, but i’m a million miles from the person that I was. I hope in sharing snippets of my journey, as well as recipes and tips and tricks, I can help somebody else on their way.

You can read more about me here and head over to the recipes section for some food inspiration. Don’t forget you can also Subscribe to the blog. 

4 thoughts on “About Weightlossjourney.co.uk

  1. Hi read all 10 made a lot of sense hope l can stick with it l have never dieted before never needed to but need to loose about 3 stone now need all the help l can get thank you for sharing

    1. You’ll lose 3 stone no problem, you got this! Please subscribe to the blog so we can keep in touch, I really want to know how you get on and try to help 🙂

  2. Read briefely and feel inspired and motivated x have to really give it a go now thanks looking forward to reading more

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