Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight loss success


Sometimes it’s nice to see a reminder of what hard work and determination can really do for our body. If you’re at the very start of your journey, it might even feel like it’s impossible. The below people are living proof of how hard work pays off, and have all successfully managed to lose and maintain substantial amounts of weight. Hearing their stories has given me a real boost, and hopefully it will help you on your way to success too.

Weight loss story - KylieName: Kylie
Total lost: 7 stone 10 lbs
“When I started I weighed 16 stone 4lbs and I felt humongous. I now weigh 8 stone 8lbs and i’m feeling amazing. Back then, my partner left me and I blamed myself. Once I started losing weight with Slimming World I started to feel so much better about myself and grew in confidence, and before I knew it, I was already 5 stone down. I wanted to lose some more to reach my target, and now that i’m down to 8 stone 8lbs i’m a size 6 and I couldn’t be happier.”


Weight loss story - ZoieName: Zoie
Total lost: 4 stone
“I thought I was happy in my own skin, my mummy used to say to me ‘Zoie you need to get a grip on this’ but I brushed it off. It wasn’t until about a year after I had my son that it just clicked that I needed to do something about my weight not just for my sake but for my sons. I bit the bullet and joined SW and from then on I just loved the feeling of losing weight. Yes I had a few slip ups but it made me more determined. I’m finally becoming happy in my own skin and if there’s anybody sat debating losing weight, DO IT!


Weight loss journey - StephName: Steph
Total Lost: 6 stone 7lbs
“I lost my weight on Slimming World, I was sick of not being able to run around park with my kids. I wouldn’t have my picture taken because I didn’t like how I looked. One day joined Slimming World and I joined a gym and took it from there. I now go to gym 6 days a week as well as swimming, boxing and jogging to help me maintain my weight loss.”



Weight loss journey - KatieName: Katie
Total lost: 5 stone 8lbs
“I was sick of being big, shopping in the plus size section, and having clothes with their tags still on that simply wouldn’t fit. I decided enough was enough and turned to Slimming World. I managed to lose 4 stone through diet alone but my losses slowed right down, so the next thing for me was downloading the coach to 5k app. I never thought I’d call myself a runner, but now I’m running 2-3 times a week, I love it! And have gone on to lose a further 1st8lb through running, 78lb in total.”


Weight loss journey - Simon Name: Simon
Total Lost: 7 stone
“My motivation was my before picture, I was horrified seeing myself like that.  I Always so sceptical about slimming clubs, thought they were a con but it was the motivation of going every week and reaching milestones. I decided to ignore the syns and just cut out everything that I loved that was bad, I thought if I was going to do it then I would go all in. Now comes the even harder challenge to keep it off. It’ll always be a struggle, I had a terrible relationship with food, it taught me that it wasn’t a diet I needed but a lifestyle change”


Weight loss - Dana

Name: Dana
Total Lost: 3 stone 10.5 lbs
“I started Slimming World in September cause I was feeling like I had no motivation and was always feeling tired. I have a son who is 2 and wanted to make sure that I had the energy to have fun with him and run around with him. I had lost weight before but soon lost interest quite quickly but this time i am determined to lose and get to my target that i have set myself. I have lost 3st 10.5lbs now and feeling so much better in myself people are noticing and i feel great and have so much more energy! I feel i have my motivation back and starting to love my life again!”


Weight loss journey - HaddyName: Haddy
Total Lost: 5 stone 9lbs
“I’d been overweight for my entire adult life after piling on weight as a teenager. I got married young and started a family. During my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was told I now had a 50% chance of developing Type 2 at some point. So that, combined with family history and my ever increasing weight – the odds were pretty set against me! When my youngest daughter was 6 months old I joined my local SW group and was tipping the scales at nearly 19stone! 11 months later, I’ve lost 5st 9lbs and am nearly at my target weight and almost within a healthy BMI range. I now enjoy my life and all the things I used to struggle with!”

I hope if you felt that losing weight was the impossible task when you loaded this page, that you now feel a little bit more hopeful about what’s possible. You can do this! 🙂 

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