Tuesday weigh in & dinner

2lbs lost

I did things a little differently tonight – usually i’d go to weigh in straight from work at 5:30pm but instead I came hope, prepped my dinner, headed to the gym and went to weigh in afterwards at 7:30pm. I was feeling really pessimistic about being weighed and so thought a quick session at the gym would burn some last minute fat!

I’ve been suffering this week with digestion and it’s something i’ve never really had an issue with before. Because of this i’ve felt bloated and heavy all week, but thankfully the result this week is a 2lb loss.¬†That’s 12.5lbs down since the start of January, and it means I can adjust my progress bar to 46lbs down in total. Bring on that stone award next week.

I made a lovely meal tonight that I feel needs sharing. The Honey BBQ Chicken recipe is fabulous, and feels really indulgent and it’s not – it genuinely tastes like it’s from an american restaurant and if you’re following Slimming World it’s approximately 3 syns a portion. If you’re not following Slimming World, it’s a lovely home-cooked alternative to an American treat.

While we are on the topic of Slimming World, I saw a post on Facebook that bothered me last night. I thoroughly enjoy attending the weekly weigh ins as well as trying tons of new recipes, but the ‘syn’ culture is fundamentally flawed. I tend to only usethem¬†to enhance recipes, I don’t have a chocolate bar of bag of crisps and justify it with their syn count (most the time!). A lady posted at 8pm last night stating she had only had 4 syns that day and was asking follow members what she could have now. If it’s 8pm and you’ve only had 4 syns, wouldn’t you just class that as a good diet day and be pleased with yourself? Some of the suggestions were biscuits and snack bars.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you follow Slimming World? If so, what’s your usual syn intake?

Find the recipe for the BBQ Honey Chicken here (also on the articles page)

3 thoughts on “Tuesday weigh in & dinner

    1. Hi Gemma, I have lost 46lbs in my entire journey, not since January. I have lost 14lbs since January. Wow at 26lbs that’s amazing, how have you done that? x

  1. I am a bit like that lady, i seem to think because i have only had a few syns i should use the rest up! But that is where i know i need to chance my bad relationship with food.
    Thanks for the recipe too! Will give it a go!

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