Those difficult weeks


It’s one of those. One of those weeks where hitting the gym and being disciplined with food seems like the hardest thing in the world. Other weeks my focus cannot be broken and i’m nothing short of determined, this isn’t one of those.

I’ve not been perfect with my food is the first problem, but what has let me down this week is not attending the gym. I don’t make excuses, because to be honest I don’t have excuses, I’ve not been because I’ve been lazy.

However, I HAVE been the gym today (it was empty!) and felt so pumped after it. It’s funny how sometimes you have to drag yourself there but you never leave thinking “wish I hadn’t come” you leave feeling accomplished and that’s how I felt today. I don’t get weighed until Tuesday evening so hopefully no damage done, and I am hoping to salvage a loss with another few gym visits before then.

It’s so important to remember on a journey of weight loss, that a week is a very small amount of time. I had 11 stone to lose initially, and I still have another 7 – Is a not-so-great week really going to hamper me losing that? No it’s not. When you have the amount of weight to lose that I do, there’s no short term fix, no short term goals, it’s going to take me 12 months+ and just because I haven’t been 110% this week, doesn’t mean I need to turn it into anything more than what it is – remember that.

I posted a recipe for Slimming World KFC Fakeaway a few days ago and it was an absolute hit, there’s been plenty of new subscribers so welcome aboard.

As always, any questions or comments, just leave below and i’ll be in touch. Don’t forget to check out the shop where I have some fabulous weight loss plaques for purchase (all with secure Paypal) there’ll be more coming soon too. Have a great weekend!

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