Successful gym session & New Recipe

Slimming World Salt and Chilli

I didn’t have a great night last night, I made absolutely delicious pulled bbq chicken burgers (i’ll upload a recipe for this, as it’s an enhancement of the original Slimming World one) but following our meal I gave in to some cravings i’d been having.

Over half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked and a pack of crisps later, I felt horribly guilty. But what can you do? I wanted it, and I had it. We’re on a long journey, and there’s going to be weaknesses.

This morning I woke up and felt I had to repent for the binge I had last night, so I hit the gym. I had only anticipated a quick session, but anything that would help burn a few calories i’d of been happy with. I had been on the treadmill 5 minutes before I had decided I was staying on there for an hour. Within the hour I did a mixture of jogging at high speed for short spells, and longer periods at a slower speed on a high incline. I pushed myself, I really did.

In the end I burned 350 calories on the treadmill, then went on to do a few weights. The moral of the story I guess is that this is in my control, I may have moments of weakness, but i decide what I do next to take the next step in the right direction and that’s what I did.

I only have 1.5lbs to lose this week (Tuesday to Tuesday) to reach my 1 stone mark since the start of January, so i’m really working towards that this weekend. Tonight we cooked an amazing Salt, pepper and chilli Chinese ‘fakeaway’ with egg fried rice  – click the link to check the recipe, it’s delicious!

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