Quick Update & Thank You

Quick update

It’s been a crazy week! I launched this blog about 2-3 weeks ago as a place to document my weight loss journey, and hoped to maybe reach a few others hoping to do the same and help them. Since then, over 200 people have subscribed to the blog, the Facebook page has nearly 500 likes and i’ve had messages of support from tons of you! I cannot say thank you enough, it means the world to me.

I posted 10 tips for weight loss earlier this week and the reception has been huge, it’s great so many of you can relate and see yourself in some of the points i’ve listed. These tips really are what helped me make the changes I needed to make, and I hope they can help you too.

After my not-so-great week last week and 0.5lb loss, I have really stepped it up this week. My food has been mostly perfect and i’ve really worked hard at the gym. I did my first ever spin class on Monday which was really tough but I felt great for having done it. Wednesday I attended my usual circuits class, and i’ve done 2 solo sessions this Saturday and Sunday. Everything crossed for at least a couple of pounds this week, but i’ll take any loss!

My next personal focus is going to be reducing my carbs a little, I do eat a lot of them and it would do me no harm to try and cut down a bit, but in no means do I plan on cutting them out entirely, as I need to be able to sustain it and I need carbs in my life!

I’ve been busy with weight loss plaques this week, which have been reduced to £6.50 including free delivery. The checkout is completely secure, but if you want to purchase one and are unsure of doing it through the website just drop me an email and we can do Paypal. Don’t forget to like the Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram for more ways to follow my story.

I hope everybody reading this is feeling motivated and ready for next week, but if you are struggling please feel free to get in touch and we can try and figure it out.

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  1. Firstly big congrats on ur loss (so far) well done, looking fab. Thanks for posting this really relate to what u said in ur tips for weight loss, inspired me to really go for it and stop making excuses, thanks again.

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