Slimming World Beef Burgers

Slimming World Cheese Burger Recipe

This is a very low syn recipe (less than 2 syns a portion) for a slimming world cheese burger that I absolutely love, for the syns to remain low you have to use the cheese as your A choice and the bun as your B choice, otherwise you’ll need to syn these separately. I know Slimming World provide a simple recipe for a beef burger, in my opinion this is much better with a lot... Read more

Slimming World BBQ chicken

Slimming World BBQ Pulled Chicken

Below is my recipe for Slimming World BBQ chicken. This has 6.5 syns in it which is just over 3 a portion. The first few times I made this I did it in the oven, but now I do it in the slow cooker just for ease so I can leave it cooking when at work. Just obviously if being done in the slow cooker you’ll need to add additional water to cover. Serves: 2... Read more


Those difficult weeks

It’s one of those. One of those weeks where hitting the gym and being disciplined with food seems like the hardest thing in the world. Other weeks my focus cannot be broken and i’m nothing short of determined, this isn’t one of those. I’ve not been perfect with my food is the first problem, but what has let me down this week is not attending the gym. I don’t make excuses, because to be honest... Read more

Slimming World KFC Chicken

Syn Free Slimming World KFC Fakeaway Fried Chicken

This is the perfect Syn Free Slimming World KFC Fakeaway recipe. It’s potentially my favourite Slimming World friendly meal, and I have it once a week when I can. It’s not perfect the first time you do it, but after a few attempts it improves every time. The “skin” is made with Cous Cous, I was unsure at first about the idea, but it’s amazing. Give it a try! Serves: 2 What you’ll need: 2... Read more

1 stone lost

Weekly Weigh In & Valentines Day

First of all, I just want to start by saying thank you to everybody that has followed this week. I’ve received tons of new subscribers that want to keep up with my journey and it’s really motivational. I want to be able to help others in a similar position so we can all reach our goals and enjoy the food we are eating. I have a few recipes I want to post, some of my... Read more

Slimming World Salt and Pepper Chicken

This is a low syn Slimming World Salt and Pepper Chicken recipe, or if you’re not following slimming world recipes it’s a much lower calorie alternative to a Chinese takeaway. Salt and Pepper/Chilli chicken is my favourite go-to Chinese dish, so it’s great to be able to replicate it. Here’s what you’ll need: Serves: 2 Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts, diced Fry light 4 eggs 1 tablespoon of soy sauce 1 red chilli and 1 green... Read more

Slimming World Salt and Chilli

Successful gym session & New Recipe

I didn’t have a great night last night, I made absolutely delicious pulled bbq chicken burgers (i’ll upload a recipe for this, as it’s an enhancement of the original Slimming World one) but following our meal I gave in to some cravings i’d been having. Over half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked and a pack of crisps later, I felt horribly guilty. But what can you do? I wanted it, and I... Read more

Honey BBQ Chicken Slimming World

Slimming World BBQ Honey Chicken

This Slimming World BBQ Honey Chicken dish tastes like it’s straight out of an American Diner, and if you’re on Slimming World is only approximately 3 syns per portion. If you’re not on Slimming World it’s just a VERY tasty home-cooked alternative to eating out. Serves: 2 What you’ll need: Fry Light 2 Chicken breasts, diced 8 tablespoons of smash 1 teaspoon of chilli powder 1 teaspoon of garlic powder Sprinkle of Salt and Pepper... Read more

2lbs lost

Tuesday weigh in & dinner

I did things a little differently tonight – usually i’d go to weigh in straight from work at 5:30pm but instead I came hope, prepped my dinner, headed to the gym and went to weigh in afterwards at 7:30pm. I was feeling really pessimistic about being weighed and so thought a quick session at the gym would burn some last minute fat! I’ve been suffering this week with digestion and it’s something i’ve never really... Read more

Monthly gym 1-2-1

Monthly 1-2-1 results at the gym

This morning I had my 2nd 1-2-1 at the gym, these occur once a month. I had my first one on the 5th of January, and my next one is the 5th of March. I’ve not had the best week in terms of food, to be honest I’ve been a bit inconsistent in the last month. I’ll have 5 or 6 good days and then a bad one, and this has been halting my progress.... Read more