There’s several ways to describe – A UK Weight loss Blog, A Slimming World Weight loss Blog.. but I would describe it as a place to get weight loss motivation, weight loss tips, slimming world recipes, and hopefully just to help you along the way.


About Me

Welcome to my weight loss blog. I’ll be sharing how to lose weight, how I did it and the long road to my target weight. My name is Michaela – I’m 25 years old, and currently reside in the East Midlands (England) having moved in December 2016 from a small town in the North West to live with my boyfriend. I’m a journalism graduate but went on to pursue a career in marketing after I left university. I’ve been on this weight loss journey since early 2015.

The Mission

I started at 22 stone, and want to half my body weight to around 11 stone. I’ve never been slim, so being that size would be a whole new life for me. My ideal dress size is about a 10-12 and I am hoping to be toned. I will need cosmetic surgery once all of my weight is off for a full body lift and tummy tuck, and this is very much in the plan.

How It Began

I’m not exaggerating when I say I literally realised one day that something had to change. I have always been big, even as a child, as it just escalated to the point where it couldn’t continue. It’s funny how you can double in size and not even really notice it’s happening.

In late 2014 I got my heart broken (I say that, it actually turned out to be the best thing that ever happened) – I was with somebody for 5 years and felt I’d grown up with him, and he woke up one day and decided he was leaving. There were no warning signs, and no explanations and I was left with a mess to clean up both within myself, and the house and debts he left me with.

The breakup was the turning point, and realistically it shouldn’t take something dramatic for me to realise i needed to change, but that’s how it happened. Throughout a 5 year relationship I had gained around 6 stone, it was poison. Our favourite thing to do together was eat, when we argued (which was a lot) I would comfort myself with food and it was only when the relationship was over that I saw what I had become.

I’ve always struggled with food, that is an ongoing thing that I am still working on even now. Comfort eating is my biggest downfall, when i’m sad, even when i’m happy, my instinct has always been to eat. My relationship with food has always been unhealthy and it’s been an ongoing battle to change that mindset.

Exercise and Working Out

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My first step was to join a gym. This was petrifying. I was constantly tired, I didn’t walk anywhere, I actually barely moved.

I joined an independent female only gym class named the Figure Factory, which specialised at the time in circuit training and high intensity interval training which is great for fat burning. When I walked in (by myself) it quickly came to light that I was the biggest and most unfit in the class, this very easily could have been the point in which I turned around and walked out, but I preserved.

I won’t pretend it was glamorous and I quickly gained fitness, it wasn’t. I vomited after some classes and I ached from head to toe almost every day of the week. It was hard, really really hard.

However, in time I learned to enjoy exercise, and this is the same now. The results of a work out are addictive, that ‘pumped’ feeling and that buzz you get when you can jog for an extra 30 seconds than you could last week, there’s nothing like it for me. I am far from a gym bunny, i’ll complain and some nights I have to absolutely drag myself there, and there’s also occasions when i’ll skip – i’m only human.

I’m no longer part of the above fitness class, and haven’t been for a while. I now attend a normal gym that has some group personal training sessions and daily classes that I tend to take part in. I owe probably 80% of my weight loss to exercise, and the luxury of doing it means that if I were to have a slip in my diet, I am still burning calories to counteract that.


Since day 1 of this journey, I always did my own ‘diet’. When you have as much to lose as me, you can’t see it as a ‘diet’ because the word screams temporary, and this is a life-long thing. I made the obvious deductions of removing takeaways, chocolate and fizzy drinks, all of which I was having far too much of. These small changes alone, alongside the gym, saw results within just a few weeks.

The only thing I will say is, i’m a very fussy eater and historically haven’t been a great cook, so I got bored of eating the same things repetitively. I have fairly recently joined Slimming World and absolutely love it, it’s taught me that I can have what I want and when I want it, as long as I plan properly and eat plenty of the good stuff. I am really enjoying the group spirit and the accountability of a weekly weigh in, and have lost around 10lbs since starting 5 weeks ago (but this followed on from a poor few months, so my body went back into shock!)

I am happy to share some of my favourite recipes I’ve come across and cook regularly if anybody asks, I may also get some inspiration from readers!


Routine is so important for weight loss – Attending the gym the right amount of times a week being the most important, if I say I’m going 4 times, I go 4 times. My routine is currently:

  • Gym 3 times a week (days vary but usually Wednesday for a Circuit class, and Saturday and Sunday for a workout.
  • 4-weekly 1-2-1 at the gym in which i’m weighed and measured once a month with a new target set.
  • Weekly weight in on a Tuesday at 5:30 @ Slimming World to ensure i’m on track.
  • ‘Treat Meal’ happens once every 2 weeks, IF i’ve consistently lost weight 2 weeks in a row, if I haven’t, it doesn’t happen.