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Weight loss

Just to give any new readers some context – As well as a weekly Slimming World weigh in, I also have a monthly 1-2-1 with my trainer at the gym, I get measured, weighed, body fat % taken and set new goals for the following month. It’s a great way to see the results of hard work in the gym, because that’s not always evident on the scales.

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my last meeting, but I headed to the gym this morning to find out how i’d been doing. I’ve been working hard these past few weeks especially, i’ve been jogging further, longer, increasing my speed and really hitting the cardio hard.

The good news is I had good results all around. I’d lost 7lb in the last 4 weeks, which is very close to my target of 2lb a week. I have also lost another 10cm all around, the biggest of which came from my waist. Combined with last months results that’s a total loss of 21.5cm since the start of January, and 15lbs down in the last 8 weeks, again,¬†very close to my target of 2lb a week.

The one bit of disappointing news is that i’ve lost 4lb of muscle, if I wasn’t monitoring this at the gym, and was just looking at the number on the scales at Slimming World, I wouldn’t have known that, i’d of just been delighted at a 7lb overall loss. I want to be burning fat, not muscle.¬†This is because of my increase in cardio, i’ve been doing a lot more jogging this month and it’s meant it’s eaten some of my muscle, instead of my fat. I’ll be switching my training regime up this month to do more fat-burning based exercises and hopefully i’ll gain a bit of that muscle back, but the scales will continue to go down because i’ll be losing fat!

I’ll be focusing on sharing some new recipes this week – I’ve had quite a lot of good feedback on the Honey BBQ chicken, it’s lovely to know you’ve been enjoying it. Today will consist of planning food for the rest of the week, i’m in London Wednesday & Thursday for a meeting and i’ll be staying over, so it’s going to be important that I focus and stay on plan. Have a good week!

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