Monthly 1-2-1 results at the gym

Monthly gym 1-2-1

This morning I had my 2nd 1-2-1 at the gym, these occur once a month. I had my first one on the 5th of January, and my next one is the 5th of March.

I’ve not had the best week in terms of food, to be honest I’ve been a bit inconsistent in the last month. I’ll have 5 or 6 good days and then a bad one, and this has been halting my progress. I’ve put it down to the move, new town and new job and trying to find my feet in a new routine – I’ll be improving this throughout February.

The good news is, one thing I didn’t slack on, is the gym. I set a target to attend 3 times a week in my last meeting, and I have done – luckily this has saved me this month. My results from the last 4 weeks were:

  • 8lbs body weight lost
  • 2.3% reduction of body fat %
  • 2lbs gained in muscle mass
  • 11.5cm lost overall (majority¬†from my hips and waist)

I got lucky with these results, because i’ve not worked as hard on my diet as I could. I was initially a bit disheartened as I set a target of 10lbs loss, however as i’ve gained 2lb in muscle I guess that explains it. My time at the gym has been a mixture of a program designed for me by the trainers (a mixture of cardio and resistance) as well as a weekly high intensity circuit class.

I have my Slimming World weigh in on Tuesday and i’m painfully close to achieving my 1 stone award, I should be able to reach that milestone¬†in the next 2 weigh ins – I’ll keep you posted!

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