7 Day Food Diary

Food diary

This is my 7 day food diary. It’s been something i’ve been asked for a couple of times now, and have just got chance to go through and write down the last 7 days of food.

It’s important to remember that my weekly food diary could be completely different to yours, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing anything wrong, or that I am. If you’re losing steady weight, then you’re probably better with food than you think.

I’m currently following Slimming World, and my average syn intake per day is probably about 5 to a maximum of 10. I don’t use my syns for crisp or chocolate unless I absolutely have to (e.g i’m at risk of a binge and a Twix would stop me eating 1,000 calories) but it’s rare. My syns are used for recipes, or sometimes having 2 A/B choices in a day. Again, this is a personal choice, but this is just to give you an idea.


Breakfast – Shreddies with semi-skimmed milk
Lunch – A wholemeal bread roll with chicken & salad (2nd B choice – 6 syns)
Dinner – Diet coke chicken with veg
Snacks – Bag of apples and grapes
Syns – Butter, 2nd B Choice (approx 8 total)


Breakfast – Scrambled egg, spinach and 2 rashers of fat free bacon
Lunch – Chicken and Spinach Pasta
DinnerHome made beef burgers with chips
Snacks – Bag of apples and grapes
Syns – Extra cheese on burger (outside of A choice)


Breakfast – Shreddies with semi-skimmed milk
Lunch – Omelette with chicken and onion
DinnerGarlic and Tomato Chicken
Snacks – Boiled eggs, banana, pack of quavers
Syns – Quavers, small amount of butter in omelette


Breakfast – Scrambled eggs and spinach
Lunch – A wholemeal bread roll with chicken & salad
Dinner – Chicken Tikka and rice
Snacks – Bag of apples and grapes, Vanilla Muller Light, biscuits
Syns – Butter, 2 digestive biscuits


Breakfast – Shreddies with semi-skimmed milk
Lunch – Spaghetti Bolognese
Dinner – Sausage Casserole
Snacks – Banana, Apple


Breakfast – Slimming World Fry Up (4.5 Syns for Richmond Sausage)
Lunch – Tuna Pasta
DinnerHoney BBQ Chicken
Snacks – Can of full fat coke (7 syns), Apples and Grapes
Syns – Can of coke, sausage, honey & bbq sauce


Breakfast – Lean bacon and egg on toast
Lunch – Fruit salad (not blended) and yoghurt
Dinner – Roast Dinner (Chicken breast, mash, vegetables) 2 syns for gravy.
Snacks – None

I’m also attending the gym at least 3 times a week to aid my weight loss.

9 thoughts on “7 Day Food Diary

    1. Hi Sadie, I had 35 grams of shreddies as per my B allowance. I tend to use about 150ml of milk which falls within the A allowance. Thanks! x

  1. my email add is bikerjean2002@hotmail.com could you send me your 7 day diary please ive just started last week 2 and a half off and this week ive maintained , she suggested i do a food diary would it be ok if i tried yours for a good loss next week please . thankyou in advance

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