10 Weight Loss Tips

Tips for weight loss

10 Tips for Weight Loss

One of the most popular things people looking to lose weight will search for is “how to lose weight” or “tips for weight loss” or “weight loss tips” but this article comes from myself, somebody who has been there and done it (and I still am).

I was 22 stone, I needed to lose half of my body weight. I’ve still got a good while to go, but when I began trying to lose weight I had to change so many things, I had to find tweaks and ways of getting by without indulging. That’s what I’ve always been, an over-eater. How do you go from having absolutely no control over what you eat, to consciously making the right decisions?

Below are 10 tips for weight loss that will hopefully help you on your way when you’re wondering how to lose weight and how to make it more than a yoyo diet. These fall outside of the usual “eat well” and “exercise” tips.

1 – Let go of your excuses

It’s important that this comes before anything else. Believe me, i’m the queen of excuses when it comes to being fat. It’s in my genes, it’s my thyroid, i’m exhausted, I’ve got too long to go, i’m not meant to be slim.. I’ve been through them all. When I let go of my excuses, was the first time in my life that I began to see results. It’s nobody else’s fault that i’m overweight, and i’m overweight because I didn’t eat well and didn’t exercise, that’s that, and it’s my job to reverse, and I will. Fighters mentality.

2 – Make a food diary

This is relevant throughout your entire journey, it’s always good to make note of what you’re eating. However, at the very beginning before you embark on your new lifestyle, write down everything you eat for a couple of days. I’d suggest an app like “MyFitnessPal” because it will tell you all of your calories, but you HAVE to be honest with yourself and eat like you normally would. I did this at the start of my diet, and with my snacks (crisp, odd biscuits here and there, as well as glasses of coke) and main meals I was consuming over 2,500 calories a day that’s a lot when you’re not doing any exercise. It then became clear what needed cutting out.

3 – Chewing Gum

This might not work for everyone, but it helped me a lot. I’m a habitual eater, I would eat when not hungry because it’s just what I did, I was bored and needed occupying so i’d eat. I began chewing gum at work and at home to distract me. My mouth and body was fooled into thinking I was eating, I was distracted and I wasn’t consuming tons of food. It’s all about breaking old habits, and chewing helped me do that.

4 – Stop Comparing Yourself

I know it’s easier said than done. I’m not talking about stop comparing yourself to Beyonce (who doesn’t) – I’m talking about comparing yourself to Jane Smith in the gym, or your best friend who’s lost 2lb more than you this week. Until you become accountable for your own success without looking at anybody else, you’ll be hampered. I used to wonder why the girl at class lost 4lb when she had a takeaway and I only lost 2lb when i’ve been good as gold.. it’ll drive you crazy, you can only control your own numbers, so do just that.

5 – Hide the Scales

What if I told you I used to weigh myself 5 times a day? It was euphoria when I stood on the scales at 8am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm.. and saw 0.2 pounds different. But what about when I weighed myself at 8pm and i’d gained 2lb? Or when i’d weigh myself every single day and instead of seeing 2lb a week i’d just see 0.3lb a day? It drove me insane, and i would be SO disheartened if I didn’t see a loss EVERY time I stood on the scales.. Sound familiar? Get rid of the scales, or hide them, so that you can only weigh yourself once a week. It will not dictate your mood this way, and measurements are much more important. I would lose 5cm some weeks, and not 1lb.

6 – Don’t think of it as a diet, change your life

If you convince yourself you’re on a diet, you’re creating a mentality that you have to be deprived of things, and it’s not the case. Think of it as a lifestyle change, a newer happier and healthier you, but don’t think of it as a “diet”. If you’re losing a substantial amount of weight, this is probably going to be a life-long thing, an entire change of mentality, embrace it. Enjoy birthday parties without guilt, enjoy the odd treat without guilt, just make it just that, the odd treat.

7 – Embrace the stumbles, don’t make them a fall

This may just be the single most important thing. On a long weight loss journey, you’re going to make ‘mistakes’, you’re going to have more than you should on some days, you’re going to order Pizza sometimes on a Saturday night. It’s real life and it’s unrealistic to think these things won’t happen. I used to eat a few slices of pizza, and so think “might as well just have what I want now, i’ve ruined it” and before I know it, i’ve eaten the pizza, the sides, the cookies, and this has continued on until the next day, all weekend, sometimes all week. Have your stumbles, but don’t fall. Don’t spend a week eating crap because you had a bad day on Tuesday, it will knock you back which in turn will deflate you which again in turn may cause more eating. Brush it off, and get back to it.

8 – Take Pictures

I don’t care if taking pictures in your underwear is your worst nightmare, take them. Nobody else has to see them, they’re for your eyes only. But TRUST ME when I say pictures is the first way you’ll see you’re losing weight. You’ll see it in pictures before you see it in the mirror, and maybe before others see it. Plus, it’s nice to document your journey and show off those pictures as you get smaller. Don’t miss out on this, take them from day 1 and take one weekly. You will see every inch that comes off, even when the scales don’t play ball.

Tips for weight loss

9 – Join a Class

This isn’t going to be relevant to everyone, I know not everybody can exercise for medical reasons and whatnot. But if you’re an otherwise healthy adult, join a gym class. I suggest a class because you’ll find people in the same position as you, people looking to better themselves. I joined a class at the start of my journey and it’s the best thing I ever did. Even if it’s once a week, Zumba, Swimming, anything, no matter how nervous you are, take the plunge, it might just work (it will) plus with a bit of exercise you’ll feel better. It can be a little less intimidating than a solo gym session.

10 – Don’t rely on anybody else

The worst thing you can do when on a weight loss journey, is only do it when you’re with somebody else. If you’ll only go the gym with your friend, or can only diet if your partner is, you’ll struggle. You’ll struggle because you’re relying on somebody else. If your friend decides not to go for your joint gym session, you won’t go right? If your partner wants a Chinese 3 nights a week, you’ll have it too right because you need them to be eating well too? Only you can control your weight loss, and don’t let others bad decisions influence yours.


The most important thing is just enjoy it. Weight coming off, people complimenting you, feeling amazing, it’s a wonderful feeling and you’ve earned it. Enjoy it, embrace it, work hard and be patient and it WILL happen.

35 thoughts on “10 Weight Loss Tips

  1. I can relate to all of your comments I have lost over 8 stone 4 on my own and 4 now with SW you have to do your journey for yourself and nobody else well done you you look fantastic Hun xx

  2. I really needed to read this Kayla. I’m really struggling at the moment…poor diet and lack of enthusiasm = lack of confidence and low esteem. I feel like I’ve been on a “diet” for years. Reading this has given me the kick up the bum I need. Hopefully see you at the gym soon. xx

  3. Thank you I really enjoyed reading that and agree with everything you said. You are looking Amazing well done on your Loss. xx

  4. First of all well done you an amazing achievement . Thank you so much for putting this on for others to see I have no doubt this will help so many people X

  5. Thank you so much , I have struggled to stay on track lately with my diet .

    But this has helped me so much , I’m on it again

  6. Thank you Kayla for being so honest, I could have written all that myself. I know exactly how it is! Many congratulations on yout tremendous weight loss xx

  7. Well done on your fabulous weight loss and thank you for sharing your tips, you are a true inspiration and look fantastic xx

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey with us Kayla, and well done on your weight loss, your an inspiration.
    p.s i can relate to you regarding the “weighing myself 5 times a day scenario” thats so me.
    I have been as sw for 12 weeks and lost 1st 11lbs so far.
    I am not doing it for my image but for my health at 55 I felt like I was heading for a heart attack and the strain on my knees & back at over 16st was getting serious.
    I hope to keep track of your journey and gets more inspiration & ideas from you.
    Thank you again.

  9. This is an amazing blog my lovely 😊 well done to you and thanks for helping us all out, you’re an angel and your incredible………I’m losing weight to hopefully have a baby, I’ve always dreamed of! But I need to loose 50lb before I can get medical help for hubby and I xxxxx and times ticking on my clock!! I found this so helpful…I joined a gym , a beautiful country hotel gym and still haven’t been…….no confidence….I’m going this weekend now foot in door xxxxxx

  10. You are amazing a real inspiration. Thanks for sharing these tips the are the best and most down to earth I’ve seen. I’m just starting and I have to lose around 7 stone but I’m determined to get there. Thanks again ❤️

  11. amazing!! I can relate to all your tips. I am 2,5 stone down and still have a way to go with an achievable goal. Thank you SO much for sharing, brilliant words and well done on your weight loss and lovely photos of you.

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